We answer some of the most common sod questions.
How often should I water my new lawn?

Watering schedules vary depending on season and variety of turf. While sod is establishing you will want to keep the soil underneath the sod damp. Daily inspection of new turf is recommended to insure there are no dry spots until turf has established.

When can I mow my yard for the first time?

Do not mow until your yard has fully rooted. To determine if your yard is ready to be mowed pull up on the blades of grass throughout the yard. When you pull you should just pull up blades of grass and not pieces of turf. During growing season this can take 2-4 weeks.

When can I fertilize my new yard?

Do not fertilize until at least after the second mowing. Do not fertilize between September and February.

Is it ok to walk on my new yard?

While light traffic is acceptable, heavier traffic such as large pets and neighborhood football games are not recommended until new turf has fully rooted and established.

Insect Control

The number of insects in your lawn depends primarily on the weather, with the highest insect levels occurring when it’s hot and dry. However, even at times when you can’t see them, they may be hard at work, damaging both the grass and the roots.

Disease Control

Lawn diseases don’t happen just to lawns that are poorly maintained; even devoted gardeners come face to face with grass diseases. The most important thing is to create a healthy stand of grass to prevent diseases from getting started in your lawn.