The most common question after we install a new yard is how often to water? The answer is not as straight forward as one might think there are several factors in determining how much water to put on new sod first and foremost is the time of the year the sod is installed. No matter what time of year sod should always be watered in immediately after installation.Also you will want to do a visual inspection daily to make sure you are not seeing any dry spots they are usually in a corner or edge some where that your irrigation is not reaching. During winter months new sod will be dormant and should be watered after installation until sod is damp through out and then just once a week to prevent sod from completely drying out. During spring and fall new sod should be watered every other day until rooted again you are just wanting to get the soil under the new sod wet. Summer installation requires daily watering sometimes twice a day on really hot days.  Another question we often receive adult watering is when to water? The best time to water is early in the morning.


Do not mow new turf until it is fully rooted. When we say fully rooted that means you should check several slabs and pull up on the corner making sure you only get blades of grass and not chunks of sod. Also mow new sod high the first few times you mow you will not want to take more than a third of the blade off at one time.


You do not want to fertilize until after the second mowing. Refer to the sod variety section on are website for application schedule.

Insecticide and Fungicide

If you had Centipede or Zoysia installed than you will not need to be on a regular treatment of fungicide or insecticide instead you should keep and eye and apply when necessary. If you had St Augustine installed it is recommend you get on a regular schedule of fungicide and insecticide as it is more susceptible.